ever realized how any song that got “YEAH HOE” in the background slaps harder than ya grandma after she see you sleeping in church 


And whole my heart cries out
Love at last I’ve found you
And honey, won’t you let me
Just be my whole life around you

today’s a good hair day (for me at least)
I'll be your lady lover

don’t be shy girl, come off anon ;)

i love wine and weed and making money everyday
i really feel like such a little lady and i love it
guess it’d be tight if i had some significant other

but really idk someone hot to makeout with would be gr8
smoke a lil burl and kiss yes sounds nice

Why can't I just sit around and watch TV while you sit on my face?

Because you can’t really watch TV with me on your face

I could probably get over you easier if your family wasn’t always talking to me and asking how I’m doing.


Photo crime scene from the murder of Alexander Travis, who was murdered by his girlfriend, Jodi Arias.(photo source: x)
This is Baton Rouge summed up in one picture.